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November 23rd 9PM! Coming at you live from the High Times Cannabis Cup 2010.

Superdude taking the roof off the Melkweg in Amsterdam! The One And Only Java Jones!

Superdude November 23rd 9PM Melkweg


He's rock's Jackie Chan Hi-Voltage fun and serious talent, distracting you with dazzling moves. It's impossible to deny Superdude the really good time he's insisting you're gonna have!


Superdude is the winner of two Global Marijuana Music Awards, Ordained "Pot Head Punk" by High Times Magazine One of the founding fathers of New York's downtown scene...


Two-time winner at the 2006 Global Marijuana Music Awards! Fans of Super Dude broke down the house while he played his winning songs African Herbsman & Pot Head Punk.

Super Dude is a rock ‘n roll experience, even when he’s singing his reggae hit!

Get Superdude music RIGHT HERE and at various undergound record shops, and ofcourse online at CD BABY!


WINNER 2006- Best Rock Song
"Pothead Punk"
from the as yet unreleased next album.

WINNER 2006 - Best Reggae Song
"African Herbman"
from the album  GRIND IT TO A FINISH

Junk Food Junkie Album Release

Seems like the bad news just keeps on coming.

JP, lead guitarist for the band, almost completely severed the fingers on his left hand while working on a home improvement project a few weeks ago. (Yes, that is the hand he uses to "work the strings".) Although he escaped with all of his digits intact after major surgery (except a small piece of one), he has, as of yet, been unable to play.

As you might well guess, this makes the expected album release date officially "sometime later this year... we hope", as JP put it.

Since completing the recording of "African Herbman" (the final studio track recorded for the "Grind it To A Finish" album), SUPERDUDE has developed a new major "jones" and as a result has spent the last couple of months in serious rehabilitation...

... so, as part of his ongoing therapy ACE Records is proud to announce... a new record release from SUPERDUDE!


The sad, sad story of one man's uncontrollable addiction to the Colombian killer bean.

Check it out now!

I thought putting the blame on a little rain was a bit much so I went down there myself... that's when they tell me the truth!

Seems the real situation is that the band is currently without a studio! The owner actually sold the building they were renting! Now just how long did they plan to keep that little fact a secret from me? Guess they didn't count on it taking this long to relocate.

Oh well.. it appears the new plastic will be delayed a bit longer than expected. The're talking about late spring now.

p.s. The day after I left Florida, JP called and asked about some "rough-mix" CD that he was "sure they made a copy of" just before they packed the equipment to go into storage but now can't seem to find. I told him it probably wound up in one of the boxes. Think he bought it?

Staying true to long standing SUPERDUDE traditon, the expected release of the new album "Junk Food Junkie" has been delayed and is now expected to happen sometime around the end of the year or possibly early in 2003.

Many factors are responsible for the delay including this year's recent tropical storms in the Florida gulf area.

No sooner was SUPERDUDE released from the New York City mental institution (where he was being treated for severe depression over the tragic events of last September) when he was off to ACE RECORDS new studio in Florida to record a fresh batch of tunes.

Expected to be ready for release this October "JUNK FOOD JUNKIE" is poised to continue the trend set by his previous albums... non-stop fun and games.

Including tunes like "Beeper Man", "Seedy Motel", "Toxic Waste", "Pothead Punk", and the much anticipated official releases of both "Java Jones" and "Johnny On The Spot" as well as the title tune "Junk Food Junkie" and a few other surprises so secret they won't even give me the smallest of hints.

Guess I'll just have to sneek into the studio and take a listen myself.

In a surprise move, SUPERDUDE has released the tune "Johnny On The Spot" on a new promo CD featuring fans favorite tunes from previously released albums.

The new promo CD has been made available to radio stations across the country.


Special Halloween Release

The latest insanely mad dance creation from SUPERDUDE's haunted lab....

MONSTER mOsH g o e s Techno!

The SUPERDUDE band has relocated to the Clearwater, Florida area and is seeking musicians to play on his upcoming album and on tour.

Take a browse through our on-line pages.

If you like what we are doing and feel you would like to join the band please complete the online form available below.

You will be required to know the songs below for the audition:

Please download these MP3's and learn them for the audition.
Rosy Red Light
Three Masked Men

An interview featuring SUPERDUDE can be found within the pages of ovember 1996's High Times Magazine!

(Otherwise known as issue# 255)